Amazon Quietly Wades Into the Passkey Waters

Amazon Quietly Wades Into the Passkey Waters

October 17, 2023 at 05:35PM

Amazon has quietly introduced passkeys for shoppers and streamers, joining other tech giants like Google and Microsoft in cloud authentication. Passkeys, which are already familiar to users through features like FaceID and TouchID, allow for passwordless unlocking. While there are a few glitches with Amazon’s implementation, the move highlights the push to move beyond passwords and towards biometric authentication for increased security.

Key takeaways from the meeting notes:

1. Amazon has introduced passkeys for authentication, following other tech giants like Google and Microsoft.
2. Passkeys are familiar to users through technologies like FaceID, TouchID, and fingerprint scanners.
3. The concept of passkeys is now being used in cloud services, websites, and apps.
4. Passkeys have benefits for non-tech-savvy users and might encourage demand for passkeys on other platforms.
5. There are some glitches in Amazon’s passkey implementation, including the lack of support for Amazon’s mobile apps and the need for separate passkeys for different countries or top-level domains.
6. Google has also announced passkeys as their default sign-in mechanism.
7. Passkeys provide improved security through biometrics and make it harder for cybercriminals to compromise accounts.
8. Passkeys shift the authentication paradigm from passwords to unique user qualities that cannot be duplicated.

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