The Need for a Cybersecurity-Centric Business Culture

The Need for a Cybersecurity-Centric Business Culture

October 18, 2023 at 10:07AM

Creating a culture of cybersecurity requires more than just technology and skilled resources. It starts at the top, with leadership understanding and investing in cybersecurity. Demonstrating the importance of cybersecurity through communication and engagement with employees is essential. Educating employees and regularly testing their knowledge is also crucial. Ultimately, the goal is to have cybersecurity become a natural part of everyday business conversations.

The main takeaways from the meeting notes are:

1. While having advanced technology and skilled cybersecurity resources is important for network integrity, it is not enough to ensure complete protection.
2. Human components play a significant role in enabling cyber threats, with 74% of incidents involving human actions.
3. Building a culture of cybersecurity is essential for a more secure organization.
4. Building a culture of cybersecurity starts from the top, with leadership being onboard and willing to invest in security.
5. Demonstrating that cybersecurity matters through regular engagement, communication, and emphasizing its importance in companywide calls is crucial.
6. Educating employees about cybersecurity and empowering them to be advocates for cybersecurity is vital.
7. Implementing a robust cybersecurity training program, conducting test phishing emails, and sharing outcomes to reinforce the importance of cybersecurity are effective ways to educate employees and keep cybersecurity top of mind.
8. The goal is to have cybersecurity be part of the normal course of business and conversation, rather than just another training or something disconnected from employees’ roles.

By following these approaches and consistently reinforcing the message of cybersecurity, a successful culture of cybersecurity can be achieved.

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