Redefining united data protection

Redefining united data protection

October 23, 2023 at 08:53AM

HPE and Zerto have partnered to redefine data protection, offering integrated solutions for backup and disaster recovery. Their portfolio covers on-premises, cloud-based, and SaaS data, ensuring comprehensive defense against cyber threats. Attend the webinar on October 26th to learn about the benefits of this approach and how it provides business continuity in the face of disruptive incidents. Register now to join. Sponsored by Zerto.

Meeting Summary:

The meeting discussed the need for round-the-clock protection of enterprise IT operations and data assets in all operating environments. Traditionally, this has required complex multi-vendor solutions, but HPE and Zerto have joined forces to provide an integrated platform for backup and disaster recovery.

The solutions portfolio includes Zerto, HPE Greenlake for Disaster Recovery, HPE Greenlake for Backup, and Zerto Backup for SaaS. These solutions cover the entire data landscape, protecting on-premises, cloud-based, and SaaS data.

A webinar titled “Building Resilience with Data Protection from HPE and Zerto” was announced, scheduled for 26th October, and it will feature James Hayes from The Register and Zerto Senior Technology Expert Christopher Rogers. They will discuss the benefits of an integrated approach to data protection strategy and how it can help ensure business continuity in the face of ransomware attacks and other disruptive incidents. They will also introduce the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault, a fortified data vault with high levels of data resilience.

Attendees were encouraged to sign up for the webinar for a reminder when it’s time to watch. The webinar is sponsored by Zerto.

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