Who’s Experimenting with AI Tools in Your Organization?

Who's Experimenting with AI Tools in Your Organization?

October 23, 2023 at 02:09PM

The growth of AI productivity tools like ChatGPT has made AI accessible to all employees, but it poses challenges for IT and security teams. Nudge Security helps organizations understand and manage the risks associated with AI tools by discovering and inventorying the tools employees are using, accelerating security reviews, detecting potential data vulnerabilities, guiding employees towards safer practices, and collecting feedback to inform corporate policies. Start a free trial of Nudge Security for 14 days.

The meeting notes highlight the growing use of consumer-focused AI productivity tools like ChatGPT within organizations. While this provides productivity benefits, it also presents challenges for IT and security teams in terms of data visibility and security. The notes propose that organizations should quickly evaluate the benefits and risks of AI productivity tools to create a scalable and enforceable policy to guide employee behavior.

Nudge Security is mentioned as a solution to address these challenges. It offers the following features:

1. AI Tool Discovery: Nudge Security helps organizations discover and inventory the AI tools being used by employees, providing visibility from day 1. It also alerts users when new AI tools are introduced.

2. Assessing AI Tools: The platform provides a summary view of each application, allowing quick assessments. It provides information on app descriptions, user accounts, integrations, original users, and security hygiene. More detailed information can be found in individual tabs.

3. Accelerate Security Evaluations: Nudge Security offers additional security context for each app, including links to terms of service, privacy policies, breach history, and SaaS supply chain inventory. It also alerts users to security incidents affecting the applications they are using.

4. OAuth Scope Monitoring: The platform helps identify OAuth grants with overly-permissive scopes that could risk corporate data. It reveals the scopes granted by each application and provides OAuth risk scores for quick identification and intervention.

5. Just-in-Time Interventions: Nudge Security enables timely interventions by sending automated nudges via email or Slack when users sign up for new AI tools. These nudges can prompt users to review and acknowledge AI acceptable use policies or adopt more secure actions, such as setting up multi-factor authentication.

6. Collecting Usage Feedback: To guide corporate policies and understand AI adoption, Nudge Security helps organizations collect usage feedback at scale. It allows users to provide context on newly added AI tools to differentiate between innocuous and potentially risky use cases.

The meeting notes highlight the importance of balancing the benefits and risks of AI tools and endorse Nudge Security as a platform that can help organizations assess new tools efficiently and guide user behavior.

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