Apple Ships Major iOS, macOS Security Updates

Apple Ships Major iOS, macOS Security Updates

October 25, 2023 at 03:57PM

Apple released major security updates for macOS and iOS, addressing numerous vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to hacker attacks. The updates address a total of 21 iOS security vulnerabilities and 44 macOS flaws, including code execution and data exposure issues. Apple also patched an already-exploited vulnerability reported by Kaspersky. The updates cover a wide range of components such as Contacts, WebKit, and kernel. Additionally, security fixes were released for WatchOS, tvOS, and Safari.

During the meeting, Apple announced the release of major security updates for its macOS and iOS platforms. These updates aim to address multiple security vulnerabilities that could potentially expose users to remote hacker attacks. Apple has documented 21 security vulnerabilities in iOS and 44 flaws in macOS, which could result in code execution, privilege escalation, and exposure of sensitive data.

It is important to note that none of these vulnerabilities have been reported as being actively exploited in the wild.

Furthermore, Apple has also released a separate patch for an already-exploited vulnerability in an older version of the mobile operating system. This vulnerability was reported by Russian anti-malware vendor Kaspersky.

The iOS 17.1 update addresses security issues in various components such as Contacts, CoreAnimation, kernel, ImageIO, and IOTextEncryptionFamily. Additionally, it includes significant security fixes for WebKit, which is the web browser rendering engine used by Apple’s products.

The macOS update covers code execution vulnerabilities in components like AppSupport, kernel, Model I/O, Vim, and Webkit.

Furthermore, Apple has also provided security fixes for flaws found in WatchOS, tvOS, and Safari.

These security updates demonstrate Apple’s commitment to addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing the security of their products.

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