Understand the True Cost of a UEM Before Making the Switch

Understand the True Cost of a UEM Before Making the Switch

October 27, 2023 at 01:49PM

Organizations need a high-caliber unified endpoint management (UEM) solution to navigate the remote and hybrid work landscape. While Microsoft Intune may seem like a solid choice, it’s important to evaluate other options based on specific needs. Factors to consider when selecting a UEM solution include device types, support, licensing agreements, pricing, integration capabilities, and total cost of ownership. It’s crucial to choose a solution that aligns with the organization’s requirements and provides effective security.

Based on the meeting notes, there are several key takeaways:

1. The importance of a high-caliber, enterprise-grade unified endpoint management (UEM) solution in today’s remote, hybrid, and fluctuating work landscape.
2. Microsoft Intune is a popular choice for endpoint management due to its cloud-based nature and recognizable brand name.
3. Other UEM options, such as Ivanti Neurons for UEM and Atera, may be better suited for specific organizational needs.
4. When evaluating a UEM solution, it’s important to consider factors such as the types of devices being used, the support and troubleshooting requirements, licensing agreements, pricing structure, integration capabilities, and management resources.
5. Total cost of ownership is an important consideration, and different UEM solutions can vary in terms of their suitability and cost-effectiveness for different organizations.
6. Microsoft Intune is a robust option for lightweight mobile applications on the same operating system, but may not be ideal for organizations with diverse endpoints and extensive third-party app management needs.
7. Usage fees and additional costs for features like Remote Help/Remote View and data transmission can add up with Microsoft Intune.
8. It is recommended to perform due diligence and explore more flexible UEM options for organizations with more complicated requirements.
9. Regardless of the chosen UEM solution, it is crucial not to go without one to ensure company security.

These takeaways provide an overview of the key points discussed in the meeting notes.

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