What Lurks in the Dark: Taking Aim at Shadow AI

What Lurks in the Dark: Taking Aim at Shadow AI

October 27, 2023 at 10:13AM

Generative AI tools are becoming a nightmare for security teams as they are used to create deepfakes and sophisticated phishing emails. A survey shows that 56% of employees use generative AI at work, but only 26% of organizations have policies in place. Shadow AI, unauthorized AI tool usage, poses a significant threat to cybersecurity. To combat this, companies can provide secure generative AI tools, educate employees about the risks, and assess identity and access management capabilities. Taking these steps can help prevent security breaches and allow businesses to benefit from generative AI.

Key Takeaways from Meeting Notes:

1. Generative AI poses a new challenge for security teams, enabling deepfakes and sophisticated phishing attacks.
2. The use of generative AI by employees is widespread, but many organizations lack policies in place to manage its use.
3. Shadow AI refers to unauthorized and unmonitored use of generative AI tools by employees.
4. There is a tension between IT teams who want control and employees who seek tools to increase productivity.
5. Shadow AI can lead to cyberattacks and compromise security, costing companies millions.
6. Employers are restricting access to generative AI tools, but employees feel pressure to use them.
7. Organizations need strategies to address shadow AI, including providing secure AI tools, educating employees on risks, and reassessing identity and access management capabilities.

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