Securing Modern Enterprises in a Borderless Landscape

Securing Modern Enterprises in a Borderless Landscape

October 30, 2023 at 03:08AM

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in remote work, prompting organizations to quickly adopt remote collaboration tools. However, ensuring robust security for remote access has been a challenge. To address this, Cisco partnered with Forgepoint Capital, NightDragon, and Team8 to create the 2023 CISO Survival Guide, a framework for CISOs to secure modern enterprises by focusing on identity, data, code, and infrastructure. The guide highlights the need for unified identity management solutions, balancing data protection with use, securing the software supply chain, and prioritizing cloud security. Emerging technology startups offer solutions to help CISOs stay ahead of evolving threats.

Key takeaways from the meeting notes:

1. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work and remote collaboration tools, posing new challenges for ensuring robust security measures.
2. CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) face the task of securing organizations in a borderless enterprise landscape, protecting them from evolving threats and vulnerabilities.
3. The 2023 CISO Survival Guide, created in partnership with Cisco, Forgepoint Capital, NightDragon, and Team8, offers insights and a framework for securing modern enterprises.
4. Identity management is a critical concern, with CISOs looking for unified solutions across IAM, IGA, and PAM.
5. CISOs are now responsible for securely enabling collaboration and business operations while balancing data protection and use.
6. Data is categorized into data collaboration, data reliability, data privacy management, and data protection, each requiring specific governance and controls.
7. Securing the software supply chain is a top priority for CISOs, with a focus on open source governance and risk management in third-party software.
8. Cloud security is crucial as more enterprises embrace a cloud-first approach, with attackers targeting the cloud ecosystem.
9. Emerging technology startups are providing innovative solutions to help CISOs stay ahead of cybersecurity threats.
10. The 2023 CISO Survival Guide from Cisco offers in-depth insights, survey results, and analysis for CISOs seeking to secure their enterprises.

Janey Hoe, a Vice President of Cisco Investments, played a vital role in product management, technical marketing, and business development at Cisco, and was recognized as a finalist for the Pioneer Award for innovation.

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