How to download a Windows 11 23H2 ISO from Microsoft

How to download a Windows 11 23H2 ISO from Microsoft

October 31, 2023 at 03:18PM

Microsoft released Windows 11 23H2, the Windows 11 2023 Update. It includes the expected features from the previous update and can now be installed via Windows Update. However, it is recommended to download an ISO image for troubleshooting or clean installs. ISO images are sector-by-sector copies of DVDs that can be used for installation, backups, and bootable media. There are two methods to download the Windows 11 23H2 ISO: manually from the Microsoft website or using the Media Creation Tool.

The meeting notes provided discuss the release of Windows 11 23H2 and the importance of Windows ISO images. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Windows 11 23H2 Update: Microsoft has released Windows 11 23H2, which includes expected features that were previously released in a Windows 11 22H2 ‘Moment 4’ update. It can be installed via Windows Update as a small enablement package.

2. Importance of Windows ISO Images: ISO images are copies of DVDs stored in a single file. They are useful for creating installation media, backing up DVD and bootable media, and mounting as a drive in Windows.

3. Clean Installations: ISO images are particularly handy for performing “clean” installations of Windows. A clean installation is a fresh install of the operating system without any previously installed programs, data, or configuration settings.

4. Windows Recovery Environment: ISO images can be used to create bootable USB drives that can access the Windows Recovery Environment for troubleshooting, diagnosing crashes, or removing stubborn malware infections.

5. Downloading Windows 11 23H2 ISO: There are two methods to download the Windows 11 23H2 ISO. Method 1 involves visiting Microsoft’s Download Windows 11 page, scrolling down, and manually downloading the ISO file. Method 2 is to use the Media Creation Tool (MCT), which downloads files and converts them into an ISO.

To use the MCT:
a. Visit the Windows 11 download page and click on the ‘Download tool now’ link to save the ‘Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe’ executable.
b. Run the Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe and grant permission for it to run.
c. Accept the license agreement and select the language and Windows 11 edition.
d. Choose the media to create bootable Windows 11 installation media or download an ISO file.
e. If creating a bootable USB drive, select the USB drive. If creating an ISO, choose a folder and filename to save it.
f. The MCT will download and verify the necessary files, which may take some time.
g. Once done, the ISO will be downloaded or the bootable USB media will be created.

These takeaways provide an overview of the meeting notes and how to download the Windows 11 23H2 ISO from Microsoft.

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