Hands on Review: LayerX’s Enterprise Browser Security Extension

Hands on Review: LayerX's Enterprise Browser Security Extension

November 1, 2023 at 08:12AM

LayerX is a secure enterprise browser extension that provides comprehensive visibility, continuous monitoring, and granular policy enforcement on browsing sessions. It addresses the challenge of protecting the browser against web-borne attacks and data leakage. LayerX offers features such as installation and setup, a dashboard for high-level insights, discovery of entities in browsing sessions, detection and resolution of issues, and policy configuration. It mitigates risks from malicious browser extensions and enables proactive protection against various browser security use cases. The solution also integrates as an additional authentication factor, hardening protection against account takeover. LayerX’s alerts screen monitors web-borne threats and provides detailed information on policy violations. Overall, LayerX is a valuable solution for organizations looking to secure their browser ecosystem.

Based on the meeting notes, here are the key takeaways:

– The browser has become the main work interface in modern enterprises, making it a prime target for adversaries seeking to steal data and carry out malicious activities.
– Traditional endpoint, network, and data protection solutions are not effective in protecting against advanced web-borne attacks, leaving organizations exposed to phishing attacks, data exposure, and data loss.
– LayerX has developed a secure enterprise browser extension that provides comprehensive visibility, continuous monitoring, and granular policy enforcement to mitigate browser data loss risks, prevent credential theft, identify malicious extensions, and more.
– The LayerX extension is easy to install on top of the organization’s existing browser infrastructure and can be distributed through various methods.
– The LayerX dashboard provides high-level insights into the security posture of the browser ecosystem and allows users to drill down into specific issues on the Discovery page.
– The Discovery page provides information about users, apps, accounts, extensions, and browsers, allowing users to proactively detect and resolve issues such as risky extensions and weak passwords.
– LayerX policies enable users to proactively protect against web-borne risks by setting conditions and actions, including preventing risky extension installation and data leakage via applications like ChatGPT.
– LayerX can be integrated with the organization’s cloud Identity Provider (IdP) to add an additional authentication factor and protect against account takeover.
– The Alerts screen in LayerX provides a centralized view of triggered policies and allows users to investigate violations and browsing trails.
– LayerX is a comprehensive solution that addresses browser-based attacks and web-related data loss, providing organizations with a single pane of glass for browser security.

To get a personalized demo of LayerX, you can visit their website.

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