Zero Day Threat Protection for Your Network

Zero Day Threat Protection for Your Network

November 6, 2023 at 03:28AM

Zero day threats are security vulnerabilities that have been detected in a system or device but have not yet been patched by the vendor community. These threats can be targeted towards specific companies or applications and can cause significant damage, including financial losses. Relying solely on vendors to address these vulnerabilities leaves opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit them. Trend Micro offers research and threat protection services to help organizations mitigate risk and protect their assets from zero day threats. Virtual patching and endpoint security measures can also be implemented to provide additional layers of protection. MITRE ATT&CK and Trend Vision One are tools that can help detect and respond to attacks. By staying one step ahead through extensive research and community participation, Trend Micro aims to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and provide continuous visibility and protection.

Key Takeaways from the Meeting Notes:

– Zero day threats refer to security vulnerabilities that are detected in a system or device but have not yet been patched by the vendor community.
– Zero day attacks can inflict significant damage on organizations and can be costly. The average cost of a ransomware incident in 2022 was estimated to be $4.54 million.
– Cybercriminals target organizations with multiple interconnected systems, security flaws, and deep pockets.
– Relying solely on vendors to repair systems gives threat actors opportunities to access and exploit them. The increase in digital transformation processes has expanded the attack surface.
– Trend Micro’s research and threat protection platform can help organizations mitigate risk and avoid costly damage.
– Trend Micro Research collects and analyzes information to identify potential threats in real time, using AI and machine learning.
– Knowing how and why attacks work helps anticipate the next step and create preventative measures.
– Trend Micro leverages threat intelligence to detect potential vulnerabilities, remediate them, and limit interconnectivity.
– Virtual patching provides protection in production environments until a vendor-supplied patch is released.
– Cloud-native virtual patching augments existing security technologies and vulnerability and patch management policies.
– Endpoint Security search capabilities can detect suspicious activity and provide additional levels of protection for cloud or hybrid infrastructure organizations.
– MITRE ATT&CK provides threat models to mitigate cyberattacks. Trend Vision Oneā„¢ was able to detect 100% of critical attack steps in the most recent evaluation.
– Trend Vision One equips security teams with detection and response capabilities across multiple security layers.
– Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) hunts and detects the latest software vulnerabilities to quickly implement virtual patching technology and protect customers’ applications and infrastructure.

Overall, the meeting notes highlight the importance of proactive detection, research, and preventative measures in mitigating zero day threats. Trend Micro offers solutions and protection to help organizations stay ahead of cybercriminals and reduce vulnerabilities.

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