Microsoft: Some users can’t send emails with attachments

Microsoft: Some users can't send emails with attachments

November 7, 2023 at 12:08PM

Microsoft has issued a warning to users about possible difficulties when sending emails with attachments. Error code 550 5.7.520 may appear, preventing emails from being sent. Microsoft suggests users upload files to OneDrive and share the link instead. Step-by-step instructions are provided as a workaround until the issue is resolved.

Key Takeaways from the Meeting Notes:

1. Microsoft issued a warning regarding users experiencing difficulties when sending emails with attachments.
2. Users impacted by this issue are seeing “Error code 550 5.7.520 Message blocked” errors.
3. Microsoft suggests uploading attachments to OneDrive and sharing the link with recipients as a workaround.
4. Users can attach files from OneDrive by clicking the attachment button while composing an email and selecting OneDrive.
5. If the file is not in OneDrive, users can select “Upload and share” to add it.
6. Microsoft provided step-by-step instructions for sharing files via OneDrive in emails or calendar events.
7. This workaround will serve as a temporary solution while Microsoft addresses the underlying issue.
8. In the past, Microsoft has resolved issues such as 401 exception errors, difficulties contacting support, and login issues affecting users.

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