OpenAI confirms it’s not killing off ChatGPT plugins for now

OpenAI confirms it's not killing off ChatGPT plugins for now

November 7, 2023 at 10:14AM

OpenAI has introduced GPTs, which are customized versions of ChatGPT designed to cater to individual users for various purposes. These user-friendly GPTs can be used for education, creativity, or assistance without requiring programming skills. OpenAI is also focusing on extending GPTs’ capabilities through custom actions and API integration, potentially replacing the current ChatGPT plugins in future updates.

According to the meeting notes, OpenAI has unveiled GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) during its developer conference. These custom versions of ChatGPT are designed to be customized by individual users for various purposes, such as education, creativity, or assistance with tasks.

GPTs are notable for their user-friendly nature, as they do not require programming skills. Anyone, including individuals or organizations, can create their own GPTs for private or public use. The process involves initiating a dialogue, setting parameters, and enhancing the AI’s capabilities with additional knowledge and skills.

OpenAI has also mentioned the ability to extend GPTs’ features through API integration, allowing for custom actions similar to plugins. These actions enable GPTs to interact with external data or the physical world, such as connecting to databases, email systems, or aiding with online shopping.

While support for ChatGPT plugins currently exists, there is uncertainty about their future. Logan from Developer Relations at OpenAI indicated that the long-term vision involves transitioning plugins into the realm of GPT actions. Developers will be able to convert existing plugins into actions within personalized GPTs. This suggests a direction towards seamless integration and flexibility, potentially leading to the evolution or phasing out of the current form of ChatGPT plugins in future iterations.

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