Guide: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks

Guide: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks

November 8, 2023 at 06:15AM

“ChatGPT is experiencing a high volume of usage, with many organizations utilizing it for various functions. However, the use of generative AI poses security risks such as data breaches, compromised identities, and intellectual property loss. It is crucial for MSPs, MSSPs, and vCISOs to address these concerns and educate their clients. Cynomi offers a free guide to help service providers protect their customers from gen AI risks and implement appropriate security measures.”

The meeting notes discuss the risks and concerns associated with the use of generative AI. It highlights three primary areas of security concern: sensitive data in gen AI scripts, outcomes that may put an organization at risk, and potential hazards of using third-party generative AI tools.

It is emphasized that stopping the use of generative AI is not the solution. Instead, vCISOs, MSPs, and MSSPs should proactively address these security concerns with their clients. The meeting notes also mention that Cynomi, a vCISO platform provider, offers a free guide that provides instructions and tips on how to protect customers from gen AI associated risks.

The guide aims to help service providers achieve the following:

1. Help customers understand the risks associated with gen AI.
2. Assess the cybersecurity and privacy challenges posed by generative AI in customer environments.
3. Establish tailored policies and best practices for safe use of gen AI in organizations.
4. Advise customers on additional security tools to mitigate gen AI-based threats.

The guide, titled “It’s a Generative AI World: How vCISOs, MSPs and MSSPs Can Keep Their Customers Safe from Gen AI Risks,” is available for download.

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