What to do with a cloud intrusion toolkit in 2023? Slap a chat assistant on it, duh

What to do with a cloud intrusion toolkit in 2023? Slap a chat assistant on it, duh

November 9, 2023 at 02:08AM

A cybersecurity tool called Predator AI has been discovered by infosec researchers. It can be used to compromise poorly secured cloud services and web apps, and also includes a partially functional chat-bot assistant. While it is supposedly intended for educational purposes, it has the potential to be used maliciously. The tool exploits various misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in popular web-based services and technologies. Users are advised to ensure their systems are secure against Predator AI’s methods.

Meeting Notes:

– There is a cybersecurity tool called Predator AI that can compromise poorly secured cloud services and web apps.
– The tool has an optional chat-bot assistant powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, although it is only partially functional at the moment.
– Predator AI can exploit 30 types of misconfigured or poorly set up web-based services and technologies.
– The chat-bot assistant feature is not yet advertised on the tool’s primary Telegram channel but is under active development.
– It is advised to review the software’s capabilities and ensure web apps and cloud infrastructure are protected against its techniques.
– Predator AI uses code and methods found in other toolkits.
– The tool is programmed to exploit common weaknesses and vulnerabilities in web application attacks.
– It is written in Python and has a graphical user interface that requires JSON configuration files.
– The software can build data-harvesting malware and use Discord or Telegram for command-and-control purposes.
– SentinelLabs was unable to successfully use the data-harvesting feature due to missing configuration files.
– The tool has a text-based assistant powered by ChatGPT for handling user queries and actions.
– The capabilities of the text-based assistant are not fully clear, but it can handle basic questions about the tool.
– Predator AI tries to find a local solution before using the OpenAI API to reduce API consumption.
– The code includes a disclaimer stating that the tool is for educational purposes and does not condone illegal use.

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