Meet the Unique New “Hacking” Group: AlphaLock

Meet the Unique New

November 14, 2023 at 10:23AM

“AlphaLock” is a Russian hacking group that operates as a “pentesting training organization,” training hackers and monetizing their services through an affiliate program. They offer a course called Bazooka Code Pentest Training, which costs $185 and provides knowledge and tools for work. They also plan to launch the ALPentest Hacking Marketplace, where threat actors can purchase pentesting services. The group is active across platforms like Telegram, Matrix, and the dark web forum XSS. AlphaLock’s business model represents a growing trend of cybercriminals diversifying and specializing their operations.

AlphaLock is a Russian hacking group that has been discovered by our security research team. They have a unique business model that involves training hackers and then monetizing their services through an affiliate program. The group offers a course called “Bazooka Code Pentest Training” to train hackers and then uses them to create a marketplace where threat actors can purchase penetration testing services targeted at specific organizations. The group has attracted attention and recently announced that they are moving their program to the chat application Matrix. This discovery provides insights into the growing sophistication and commoditization of cybercrime, the diversification of revenue streams beyond ransomware, potential supply shortages of talented threat actors, the importance of group branding, and the blurred lines between different online platforms used by threat actors. If you need more context or assistance related to this information, please let me know.

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