‘AlphaLock’ Hacker Organization Launches Pen-Testing Training Group

'AlphaLock' Hacker Organization Launches Pen-Testing Training Group

November 15, 2023 at 04:41PM

AlphaLock is a new hacker group offering “pentesting training” through online courses and a marketplace for threat actors to purchase pen testing services. They plan to transition to a chat application called Matrix due to increased attention. Bazooka Code, one of their courses, will launch a YouTube channel and welcomes interested individuals to submit portfolios.

Based on the meeting notes, it appears that AlphaLock is a hacker group that offers pentesting training services through online courses such as the Bazooka Code course. They monetize these services through affiliate programs. The group also operates the ALPentest Hacking Marketplace, where threat actors can purchase pentesting services targeted at specific organizations.

The group’s Telegram channel, which has now gone private, provided additional information about their operations and future plans. They mentioned that they have trained a strong staff and emphasized the importance of studying PenTesting, stating that it is the future.

Bazooka Code, a part of AlphaLock, is preparing a platform where clients can track the progress of pentesters as they conduct tests. Threat actors will be able to list desired targets, and others can choose these companies, carry out the attacks, provide proof, and receive their reward.

Due to increased attention, the platform will be moved to a chat application called Matrix, but Telegram will still be used for news updates, membership requests, and inquiries. Additionally, Bazooka Code plans to launch a YouTube channel and is inviting interested individuals to submit a portfolio for consideration.

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