Data Security Firm ALTR Banks $25M Series C 

Data Security Firm ALTR Banks $25M Series C 

November 15, 2023 at 10:45AM

Data security startup ALTR has raised $25 million in a Series C funding round led by John Stafford III. The funding will be used to expand ALTR’s market presence, enhance partner integrations, and develop channel relations. ALTR offers technology that helps with data access controls, data usage visibility, and data security.

Key takeaways from the meeting notes:

1. ALTR has successfully closed a Series C funding round, raising $25 million. The funding was led by John Stafford III and included new investors from the financial, medical, and data sectors.
2. Since its emergence from stealth in 2018, ALTR has raised over $55 million. The company is focused on building data security tools using blockchain technology.
3. The new funding will be used to expand ALTR’s go-to-market strategy, including expanding its presence across different data sources, growing partner integrations, and developing channel relations.
4. ALTR’s technology enables database administrators, data engineers, and data architects to automate tasks, gain visibility into data usage, implement data access controls, and secure data through rate-limiting and tokenization-as-a-service.
5. ALTR’s suite of products includes features like data usage heatmaps, analytics dashboards, and classification-based policies to control access to sensitive data and mask personally identifiable information (PII).
6. ALTR’s tools provide auditable query logs to ensure privacy controls are functioning correctly and satisfy governance requirements.

Note: The meeting notes also mention related news about other companies such as IBM acquiring a DSPM startup and Symmetry Systems raising funding for its DSPM platform, along with Palo Alto Networks’ acquisition of Dig Security. However, these news items are not directly related to ALTR’s meeting.

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