Three Ways Varonis Helps You Fight Insider Threats

Three Ways Varonis Helps You Fight Insider Threats

November 15, 2023 at 05:45AM

Insider threats, where confidential information is stolen by employees or insiders, are difficult for organizations to combat. Varonis offers a data security triad approach to reduce the risk and impact of insider attacks. This approach includes sensitivity (discovery, classification, and controls), access (security and permissions management), and activity (monitoring and responding to data activity). Varonis provides tools to discover sensitive data, manage access, and detect threats in real time.

From the meeting notes, it is evident that basketball teams, government agencies, and car manufacturers have all experienced breaches of confidential, proprietary, or private information by insiders. Insiders pose a unique threat because they have access to sensitive data with minimal suspicion. Varonis, a modern cybersecurity company, addresses this insider risk through the data security triad of “sensitivity, access, and activity.”

Sensitivity refers to understanding where sensitive data exists and implementing controls to prevent unauthorized access or exfiltration. Varonis has built-in policies and automated classification and labeling tools to help organizations identify and protect sensitive data. By correctly labeling data, it becomes more difficult for insiders to exfiltrate sensitive information.

Access control is another crucial pillar in mitigating insider threats. Varonis helps organizations gain visibility into data security posture and reduces the blast radius of an insider attack by limiting unnecessary access. It provides a real-time view of data access permissions, identifies misconfigurations, and offers ready-made remediation policies that organizations can personalize to their specific needs.

Activity monitoring is essential for detecting and responding to suspicious behavior in real-time. Varonis watches every action on data, creates behavioral baselines, and uses UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) to spot threats and automate responses. By continuously monitoring data activity, Varonis helps organizations find and stop threats before any damage occurs.

In summary, Varonis’ data-centric approach to security, focused on sensitivity, access, and activity, is designed to detect and limit the impact of insider threats proactively. They offer solutions to discover, classify, control access, automate remediation, and monitor data activity, aiming to reduce the risk of an insider attack.

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