VicOne and Block Harbor Deliver Integrated Workflow-Based Cybersecurity System

VicOne and Block Harbor Deliver Integrated Workflow-Based Cybersecurity System

November 17, 2023 at 05:08PM

VicOne and Block Harbor have unveiled an integrated workflow-based system for the automotive industry that provides cybersecurity intelligence. The system improves the efficiency of software updates in vehicles and manages growing cybersecurity threats. It allows automakers to quickly assess risks and take appropriate actions. The solution also enables testing of software features for cybersecurity and over the air updates. Driver and passenger safety is highlighted as a priority. More information can be found in VicOne’s white paper.

VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions leader, has introduced a joint solution with Block Harbor. The integrated workflow-based system is designed specifically for the automotive industry and provides actionable intelligence to cybersecurity design teams, the Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC), and Product Security Incident Response Teams. It aims to help automakers generate revenue from software-enabled feature releases and maintenance by streamlining the manual and siloed process, allowing for more software updates in vehicles and better management of cybersecurity threats.

The collaboration between VicOne and Block Harbor combines Block Harbor’s expertise in cybersecurity design and operating production systems with VicOne’s 30 years of threat intelligence and market-leading vulnerability disclosures. The system continuously monitors threats, improves cybersecurity posture, and bridges the gap between design and maintenance teams.

The integrated solution is a modular system that assists automakers in managing cybersecurity design and fixes in software-defined vehicles at scale. It provides real-time information on new threats or vulnerabilities, enabling automakers to assess the impact and severity of the risk and make quick decisions on necessary actions. The system also facilitates query of production data by design teams to improve the design and enables cybersecurity testing of software feature releases with speed and reliability. Vehicles on the road can be updated over the air (OTA), and the system is designed using open standards for secure connectivity to different data sources, allowing users in the automotive industry to choose their own deployment model based on their cybersecurity roadmap.

According to Brandon Barry, CEO of Block Harbor, this solution addresses the increasing threat of cyberattacks on software-defined vehicles and ensures driver and passenger safety. Block Harbor aims to facilitate the maintenance of vehicle cybersecurity throughout the lifecycle, protecting future revenues and maintaining an advanced level of mobility safety.

For more detailed information about the integrated workflow-based solution from VicOne and Block Harbor, including related use cases, a white paper is available for download from VicOne’s website.

VicOne is a cybersecurity software and services provider for the automotive industry. Their solutions are built to secure and scale with the specialized demands of modern vehicles and are backed by Trend Micro’s expertise in the cybersecurity industry. For more information, you can visit their website at

Block Harbor, established in 2014, was a direct response to the Jeep Hack incident and specializes in solving new challenges in vehicle cybersecurity. Their platform, the Vehicle Security Engineering Cloud (VSEC), combined with their services from the Vehicle Security Operations team and the Vehicle Cybersecurity Labs team, offers tailored solutions for the mobility ecosystem. Learn more about Block Harbor at

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