Accelerating Security Risk Management

Accelerating Security Risk Management

November 21, 2023 at 03:09PM

In this article, Mike Milner, Trend Micro VP of Cloud Technology, discusses the role of security risk management in the era of cybersecurity and how IT leaders are accelerating innovation. The article also highlights the challenges faced by organizations in managing the digital attack surface and the importance of resilience, agility, foresight, innovation, visibility, and transformation in accelerating security risk management.

Takeaways from the meeting notes:

– The biggest challenge in managing the digital attack surface is keeping up with constant change.
– Recognizing the pillars accelerating security risk management is key to adapting cybersecurity as a business enabler.
– Resilience is important for quickly recovering from disruptions or attacks.
– Agility is essential for responding quickly to changing conditions.
– Foresight is necessary to anticipate future trends and challenges.
– Innovation using technology can generate new value for the organization.
– Visibility of the security posture is crucial for protecting sensitive data.
– Transformation to meet changing business needs requires adapting and evolving.
– Cyber risk management resources are available for further learning.

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