Kansas Officials Blame 5-Week Disruption of Court System on ‘Sophisticated Foreign Cyberattack’

Kansas Officials Blame 5-Week Disruption of Court System on ‘Sophisticated Foreign Cyberattack’

November 22, 2023 at 07:12AM

The Kansas court system experienced a sophisticated cyberattack in which sensitive data was stolen and a ransomware attack was carried out. The attack disrupted access to records for over five weeks, affecting the state’s appellate courts and causing attorneys to resort to paper filings. The stolen data includes district court case records, and affected parties will be notified once a full review is completed. It is unclear whether a ransom was paid or the identity of the attackers. Efforts are underway to restore normal operations and strengthen system security.

Key points from the meeting notes:

– The Kansas court system suffered a cyberattack that involved the theft of sensitive data.
– The attack, described as a ransomware incident, has disrupted access to court records for over five weeks.
– The court information system was disconnected from external access, and authorities were notified.
– Operations of the appellate courts and most counties have been affected, with attorneys resorting to paper filings.
– Stolen information includes district court case records on appeal and potentially confidential data.
– No information has been published by any ransomware group leak site.
– The Judicial Branch has not disclosed whether they paid a ransom or named the group behind the attack.
– Data typically begins to appear online if a ransom is not paid.
– Partial restoration of court records has been implemented, but it will take several weeks to fully return to normal operations.
– Efforts are being made to reinforce the court systems against future attacks.
– Recent audits found weaknesses in IT security responsibilities within certain state agencies.

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