1Kosmos Unifies Identity Verification User Journeys Across Web and Mobile Platforms

1Kosmos Unifies Identity Verification User Journeys Across Web and Mobile Platforms

November 29, 2023 at 05:58PM

1Kosmos announced a new feature on their BlockID platform allowing seamless web-based identity proofing extending to mobile for scanning IDs sans mobile app, ensuring secure, private, app-less document verification with live selfie authentication, now available on the BlockID platform.

Clear Takeaways from Meeting Notes:

1. **Product Update:**
– 1Kosmos has announced that their BlockID platform now allows organizations to extend web-based identity proofing sessions to mobile devices for scanning government-issued documents without needing a mobile app. This newly introduced feature aims to create a smooth web user experience and adhere to identity assurance level (IAL) requirements.

2. **Privacy Architecture:**
– The platform uses a privacy-by-design architecture which grants access to personal information only with user consent.

3. **Functionality:**
– BlockID connects a web browser to a mobile device camera for document verification.
– It authenticates government ID documents directly with issuing authorities.
– The platform verifies personal identity by matching a live selfie with scanned document images.

4. **User Experience:**
– The elimination of a separate mobile app for document scans simplifies the identity verification process for users.
– BlockID accommodates embedding and customizing document-based identity proofing for different platforms and user journeys.

5. **Features and Benefits:**
– Supports document verification sessions for a range of identity documents.
– Provides a standalone web client that can authenticate document templates and extract data.
– Includes interfaces for setting risk thresholds and integration with third-party document validation services.
– Allows administrators to review verification results and offers recommendations.
– Permits the building of customized user verification journeys.
– Offers pre-deployment testing and built-in international support.
– Complies with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

6. **Availability:**
– The new web and mobile identity verification features are available immediately on the 1Kosmos BlockID platform.

7. **Platform Credentials:**
– BlockID has certifications such as NIST 800-63-3 and UKDAIF via Kantara, among others.
– It is designed to deliver high assurance authentication and validation of user qualifications and authorities with a reusable digital wallet.
– Emphasizes security by avoiding centralized collections of PII, aligning with privacy regulations such as GDPR.

8. **Company Overview:**
– 1Kosmos specializes in remote identity verification and passwordless authentication.
– Their solutions serve various sectors, including government, banking, telecommunications, education, and healthcare, performing millions of authentications daily.
– The company is headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey and funded by Forgepoint Capital and Gula Tech Adventures.

9. **Contact Information:**
– For more details, the company can be visited at www.1kosmos.com and followed on unspecified social media (denoted by “X”) and LinkedIn.

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