Cyberattack on Pennsylvania Water Authority Disrupts OT Gear

Cyberattack on Pennsylvania Water Authority Disrupts OT Gear

November 29, 2023 at 05:36PM

The Aliquippa Municipal Water Authority in Pittsburgh experienced a cyberattack by the Iranian-backed Cyber Av3ngers, targeting an Israeli-affiliated system and disrupting water pressure monitoring. Operations resumed manually; the water supply remains safe. The U.S. government is investigating, amid concerns about critical infrastructure cybersecurity and the need for proactive defense.

Meeting Summary:

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Subject: Cyberattack on the Aliquippa Municipal Water Authority

Key Takeaways:

1. Incident Overview:
– Aliquippa Municipal Water Authority in Pittsburgh was targeted by a cyberattack over the past weekend.
– Responsible group: Cyber Av3ngers, allegedly backed by Iran.

2. Specifics of the Attack:
– The cyberattack targeted one of the booster stations, specifically a Unitronics system.
– Unitronics has Israeli-owned components.
– The system that monitors water pressure was compromised, displaying a message indicating the hack was politically motivated against Israel.

3. Impact and Response:
– The affected booster station handles water pressure for Raccoon and Potter Townships.
– According to Matthew Mottes, there’s no current threat to the drinking water or supply.
– Manual operation was implemented after shutting down the automated system.
– CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) is investigating the incident.

4. Broader Concerns:
– Potential for further cyberattacks on U.S. critical infrastructure.
– The Cyber Av3ngers claim responsibility for multiple global cyberattacks, including against Israeli water treatment stations.
– Confirmation of these attacks remains unverified.

5. Industry Perspective:
– Matt Wiseman from OPSWAT emphasized the importance of proactive defense strategies in light of increased targeting of critical infrastructure by nation-state actors.
– The White House and industry regulators have initiated measures to improve cybersecurity.
– Organizations within critical sectors need to adopt comprehensive perimeter defense strategies to counteract evolving threats.

Action Items:
1. Continue to monitor the situation and support CISA’s investigation.
2. Review and reinforce cybersecurity policies and measures across all critical infrastructure.
3. Stay updated on guidelines from industry-specific regulators and adhere to new cybersecurity standards.
4. Consider OPSWAT’s recommendations for a proactive and comprehensive perimeter defense strategy.

Next Steps:
– Communication plan: Inform the public and stakeholders about the measures being taken to secure the water supply.
– Cybersecurity review: Conduct an assessment of current security protocols and infrastructure.
– Collaboration: Work with cybersecurity experts to optimize defense strategies.
– Regulatory compliance: Ensure that all cybersecurity measures comply with the new executive orders and national plans.

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