New FjordPhantom Android Malware Targets Banking Apps in Southeast Asia

New FjordPhantom Android Malware Targets Banking Apps in Southeast Asia

December 1, 2023 at 08:24AM

Researchers uncovered an Android malware, FjordPhantom, targeting Southeast Asian banking customers via messaging services. It evades detection through virtualization, enabling unauthorized data access without root privileges, by pretending to offer legitimate banking app features while executing malicious activities.

Takeaways from the Meeting Notes:

1. A new Android malware known as FjordPhantom has been actively targeting users in Southeast Asia since September 2023.

2. FjordPhantom spreads mainly through email, SMS, and messaging apps by deceiving users into downloading a fake banking app.

3. The malware employs a combination of app-based threats and social engineering tactics to defraud banking customers.

4. Victims are lured into installing the fraudulent app and are encouraged to call a bogus call center for assistance with setup, which further facilitates the fraud.

5. FjordPhantom features a virtualization technique that allows it to execute malicious code in a container, which helps it evade Android’s sandbox security measures.

6. The malware does not require root access to gather sensitive data, due to its use of virtualization technology.

7. The fraudulent banking app contains a malicious module and employs a hooking framework to intercept and modify the behavior of key APIs within the virtual container environment.

8. It captures sensitive information from the legitimate bank app’s screen and suppresses warning dialog boxes that would normally alert the user to suspicious activity.

9. FjordPhantom is modular and can attack various banking apps depending on the specific embedded target within the malware.

10. The analysis and disclosure were made by security researchers at Promon, and further interesting content can be found by following their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Please note that these takeaways are based on the provided notes and offer a summary of the key points discussed regarding the FjordPhantom Android malware.

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