Holiday Hackers: How to Safeguard Your Service Desk

Holiday Hackers: How to Safeguard Your Service Desk

December 5, 2023 at 12:07PM

During holidays, cyberattacks on e-commerce rise, targeting customer-rich environments and understaffed service desks. Attackers exploit high-risk events like password resets, using social engineering and ransomware. Companies lack proper response plans and may pay ransoms. Secure verification via Specops Software and staff training can mitigate risks. (Sponsored content by Specops Software.)

Meeting Takeaways:

1. There is a significant increase in cyberattacks during the holiday season, especially targeting e-commerce businesses with reports of a 200% jump in attacks right before Christmas.

2. Service or help desks are commonly targeted by cyberattacks during holidays due to their role in network systems entry points and identity management during high-risk events like password recovery.

3. The vulnerability of organizations during holidays is heightened due to factors including increased consumer online spending, understaffed service desks, lack of emergency plans for cyberattack escalation, and companies being more inclined to pay ransoms.

4. The service desk’s capability to reset passwords and manage user accounts makes it a prime target and potential back door for hackers, especially through social engineering tactics.

5. Cyberattacks involving the service desk commonly include vishing, ransomware attacks over long weekends, and social engineering for password resets, as demonstrated in the recent MGM breach by a third-party IT support vendor.

6. Tips to reinforce service desk security include:
– Implementing Specops Secure Service Desk to verify the identity of callers through multiple secure methods and reduce the risk of social engineering.
– Utilizing Specops uReset to allow employees a self-service option for initiating password resets, alleviating the burden on service desks.
– Training service desk employees thoroughly on their vulnerabilities, threat awareness, reporting, prevention, and response strategies.

7. Continuous prioritization of cybersecurity is crucial, and organizations should consider tools like Specops uReset and Secure Service Desk to strengthen defense against hackers, available through Specops Software.

Note: The meeting notes suggest that the content is sponsored and written by Specops Software, indicating that the information provided may have a promotional aspect regarding Specops’ services and products.

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