Locking down the edge

Locking down the edge

December 6, 2023 at 11:18AM

Edge security challenges are escalating as more functions decentralize, increasing the attack surface at network edges. Sectors like healthcare and energy lack dedicated IT security, risking severe breaches. Dell’s webinar tackles this with a Zero Trust strategy, promoting constant verification and automated protection through its NativeEdge platform.

Meeting Takeaways:

– Edge security is becoming increasingly important and challenging as more operational functions move to distributed sites and devices, making the network edge highly vulnerable.
– The migration of data hosting to the network edge, in such places as airports, factories, power plants, and hospitals, presents more risks compared to centralized, well-protected data centers.
– Long supply chains that encompass edge locations with multiple partners and contractors introduce additional security risks.
– Sectors like healthcare, energy, and manufacturing are especially prone to edge-related security vulnerabilities, often lacking onsite IT security professionals.
– Data breaches at the edge can incur significant costs and have a direct negative impact on people’s lives due to the disruption of data flow, alongside regulatory and data protection issues.
– Dell Technologies offers a webinar, featuring Jeroen Mackenbach from the Infrastructure Solutions Group Edge Portfolio, which addresses these concerns and the need for a Zero Trust security approach at the edge.
– The webinar explains the necessity for continuous verification of all devices and individuals, massive scalability of edge security, complete visibility of data and devices, and the importance of automation to minimize management overhead.
– Dell’s NativeEdge platform is introduced as a solution to enhance trust at the edge by reducing attack surfaces and incorporating visibility and automation features.

The webinar by Jeroen Mackenbach on edge security challenges and solutions with Dell’s NativeEdge platform can be accessed using the provided link.

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