Microsoft issues deadline for end of Windows 10 support – it’s pay to play for security

Microsoft issues deadline for end of Windows 10 support – it's pay to play for security

December 6, 2023 at 01:39AM

Microsoft announced Windows 10 end of support for October 14, 2025, but will offer paid Extended Security Updates (ESU) for up to three years after. Windows 10 ESU won’t be free, and prices are undisclosed but expected to resemble the Windows 7 program’s costs. Windows 11 is encouraged, and ESU is included at no extra cost with Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop. The move was praised for reducing e-waste.

**Clear Takeaways from Microsoft Windows 10 End of Support Meeting**

1. Microsoft announced that full security support for Windows 10 will end on October 14, 2025.

2. Microsoft encourages users to move to Windows 11 but will offer Extended Security Updates (ESU) for those who cannot upgrade by the EOS date.

3. The ESU program is designed to keep Windows 10 secure past its end-of-support date through a paid subscription, offering up to three additional years of monthly security updates.

4. Windows 10 ESU will provide updates for critical and important security issues only, with limited technical support focused on security concerns.

5. The cost for the Windows 10 ESU program has not been disclosed, but it is anticipated to follow the pricing structure of the Windows 7 ESU program.

6. As a promotion, Microsoft is offering a free Windows 10 ESU subscription for customers who use Windows 11 through Windows 365 or Azure Virtual Desktop.

7. The US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) views the extended support for Windows 10 as a sustainability win, reducing electronic waste. PIRG had previously petitioned Microsoft for extended support.

8. The Windows 10 ESU program will be accessible for three years to schools, public sector organizations, and SMBs, with individuals potentially receiving only one year of support, subject to possible extensions based on demand.

9. Details of the ESU program for individual consumers are yet to be announced, with further information expected in a future update.

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