Nissan is investigating cyberattack and potential data breach

Nissan is investigating cyberattack and potential data breach

December 6, 2023 at 09:01AM

Nissan is investigating a cyberattack on its Australian and New Zealand systems, potentially exposing personal data. Customers have been warned of scam risks. The company’s global response team is assessing the impact. Dealerships remain unaffected, and government cyber agencies are informed. Restoration efforts are underway.

Meeting Takeaways:

1. Nissan is currently investigating a cyberattack on its systems in Australia and New Zealand, which may have exposed personal customer information.

2. Nissan Oceania, which manages Nissan’s operations in those regions, has warned customers about a potential data breach and the possibility of ensuing scams.

3. A notification has been published on both the Australian and New Zealand Nissan websites stating that Nissan Corporation and Financial Services in those countries experienced a cyber incident.

4. Nissan has mobilized its global incident response team to assess the full impact of the cyberattack and to verify if any personal information has been compromised.

5. The company advises customers to monitor their accounts for any unusual or fraudulent activity, suggesting increased vigilance due to the incident.

6. The cyberattack has not affected the website’s functionality; however, Nissan is working towards restoring any systems that were affected.

7. Nissan assures that its dealer network remains unharmed by the cyber incident and that vehicle and service requests will continue to be handled without delays.

8. Government cybersecurity agencies in Australia and New Zealand have been informed about the breach, though they have not released any public statements as of the meeting time.

9. Media outlet BleepingComputer has reached out to Nissan Oceania for further comments and information on the cyber incident and will update their post accordingly.

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