Cybersixgill Announces Identity Intelligence Module for Threat Analysis

Cybersixgill Announces Identity Intelligence Module for Threat Analysis

December 7, 2023 at 06:23PM

Cybersixgill has launched new features for its cyber threat intelligence platform, including an Identity Intelligence module for compromised account monitoring, an improved Alerts page for faster threat response, and OSV Support for open-source vulnerability awareness. These tools aim to enhance threat detection, decision-making, and pre-emptive action to protect against cyber-attacks.

Clear Takeaways from Meeting Notes:

1. **Product Announcement**: Cybersixgill introduces new features bolstering organizations’ cyber threat detection and response capabilities.

2. **Identity Intelligence Module**:
– Provides centralized monitoring of compromised emails and accounts.
– Enhances threat hunters and analysts’ ability to manage threat exposure.
– Mitigates Account Takeover (ATO) fraud.
– Lowers false positives from irrelevant credential exposures.
– Shortens mean time to detect threats through efficient threat mitigation.

3. **Alerts Page**:
– Offers improved alert management and decision support.
– Features split-screen mode, rich contextual information, and customizable options for targeted alert handling.
– New filters and simplified access for quicker response and actions.

4. **OSV Support**:
– Enhances the Dynamic Vulnerability Exploit (DVE) intelligence module.
– Provides coverage for many open-source vulnerabilities outside the NVD, from
– Aims to secure open-source software programs and reduce unauthorized access risks.

5. **Innovations in Threat Intelligence**:
– Empowers users to proactively secure open-source programs and Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs).
– Bridges the gap between vulnerability awareness and mitigation in open-source use.

6. **Availability**: New features and capabilities are accessible immediately to both new and existing customers.

7. **Company Background**:
– Cybersixgill operates in the cyber threat intelligence field, monitoring clear, deep, and dark web sources.
– Provides intelligence data lake analyzed with AI and automation for real-time threat alerts and risk assessment.
– Serves enterprises, financial institutions, MSSPs, government and law enforcement.
– Company details and demo scheduling available on their website.

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