Integrated DFIR Tool Can Simplify and Accelerate Cyber Forensics

Integrated DFIR Tool Can Simplify and Accelerate Cyber Forensics

December 7, 2023 at 02:11PM

Trend Vision One™ – Forensics, integrated into the Trend Vision One platform, transforms cyber forensics for organizations like the City of Columbia and Trend’s global IR teams by streamlining evidence collection, improving response times, and enhancing global collaboration, ultimately bolstering cybersecurity efforts and operational efficiency.

Meeting Summary:

**Subject**: Cyber Threats and the Introduction of Trend Vision One™ – Forensics

**Author**: Joyce Huang

**Date**: December 07, 2023

**Key Points**:

– Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) tools are essential in combating sophisticated cyber threats.
– Many organizations face challenges with existing DFIR solutions or lack such tools, compounded by a shortage of skilled security professionals.
– The article discusses the challenges faced by the City of Columbia and Trend Micro’s Incident Response Service Team before implementing Trend Vision One™ – Forensics.
– The use of Forensics has transformed their incident response capabilities, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

**Challenges Before Forensics**:

– The City of Columbia relied on manual processes, like PowerShell scripts, for incident evidence collection, which was inefficient for their small cybersecurity team managing a large user base.
– Trend’s Incident Response Service Team used evidence collection tools without sufficient threat intelligence and malware scanning, requiring analysts to sort through vast data amounts. They also had difficulties with regional collaboration and faced delays due to travel requirements for evidence collection.

**Benefits of Trend Vision One™ – Forensics**:

– For the City of Columbia, Forensics enabled swift evidence collection remotely, enhancing investigation processes, and allowing more focus on strategic security initiatives.
– Trend Micro IR Team can now start incident response tasks without delay, initiate automated evidence collection, and enjoy a unified platform for global collaboration.


– Trend Vision One™ – Forensics is an app designed for a streamlined experience in security investigations, requiring no deployments and providing seamless integration with existing sensors. It helps SOC analysts and DFIR specialists conduct investigations more effectively.

**Further Action**:

– For more detailed information, readers are encouraged to consult the Forensics datasheet.

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