Modern Attack Surface Management for CISOs

Modern Attack Surface Management for CISOs

December 7, 2023 at 04:22AM

Modern Attack Surface Management (ASM) is essential for CISOs as traditional methods can’t keep up with evolving digital threats and cloud-based environments. Modern ASM solutions should offer continuous, real-time discovery and contextual risk assessments across all environments. Trend Vision One™ provides comprehensive, automated ASM with total visibility, prioritization, and remediation recommendations, empowering CISOs to proactively manage cyber risks and facilitate strategic business decisions.

Meeting Takeaway Notes:

– Topic: Modern Attack Surface Management (ASM) for CISOs
– Meeting Presenter: Alifiya Sadikali
– Date: December 6, 2023

Key Points:

1. Growing Concerns:
– A Trend Micro survey indicates 73% of IT/business leaders are worried about their digital attack surface.
– 62% reported blind spots in their attempt to secure it.

2. Limitations of Traditional ASM:
– Relying on outdated, manual, and piecemeal inventory strategies is insufficient.
– Traditional ASM cannot match the pace of attackers, especially in the dynamic environment of the cloud.
– Provides an incomplete and outdated overview for strategic decision-making by CISOs.

3. Need for Modern ASM Solutions:
– Modern robust ASM solutions are necessary to effectively reduce cyber risks.
– Security needs to shift from reactive to proactive.

4. Components of an Effective Modern ASM:
– Continuous discovery of devices, assets, accounts, and applications for total visibility.
– Real-time assessment and prioritization of risks to identify and address the most crucial vulnerabilities.
– Proactive remediation and management, with suggestions for risk mitigation across the attack surface.

5. Communication and Reporting:
– ASM solutions should allow CISOs to clearly communicate risk to the board.
– Customizable dashboards and risk quantification reports are vital for demonstrating security investments’ impact on business goals.
– Benchmarking against competitors can guide further security investments.

6. The Platform Approach:
– 89% of respondents in a Trend Micro study plan to consolidate security products or switch to a platform.
– Integrated platforms like Trend Vision One™ unify policy management, attack surface risk management (ASRM), and detection/response capabilities.

7. Benefits of Trend Vision One™:
– Provides total visibility, comprehensive risk management, and the ability to track and analyze risk over time.
– Offers contextualized risk assessments and prioritizations.
– Automates remediation actions and enhances the effectiveness of security teams.
– Allows organizations to operationalize Zero Trust by understanding baselines of regular activity.

8. Conclusion:
– Trend Vision One™ delivers capabilities for external/internal attack surface discovery, vulnerability prioritization, CSPM, CIEM, and more.
– It offers a solution to contemporary ASM challenges with its advanced features and the ability to transform cyber risk management practices.

Action Items:

– [ ] Review the ASM process within the organization for modernization opportunities.
– [ ] Investigate the Trend Vision One™ platform for potential adoption.
– [ ] Schedule a follow-up discussion with IT and security teams to evaluate current ASM solutions versus Trend Vision One™.
– [ ] Develop a presentation for the board to illustrate the importance of investing in modern ASM tools and the potential return on security investments.

– Alifiya Sadikali, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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