Web Security Expands into Secure Service Edge (SSE)

Web Security Expands into Secure Service Edge (SSE)

December 8, 2023 at 06:52PM

Trend Micro introduces Secure Service Edge (SSE) to address evolving cyber threats with Zero Trust principles, offering proactive risk control through ZTSA Internet Access. The platform’s ASRM and XDR capabilities empower users to detect critical incidents and enhance security posture. ZTSA delivers end-to-end application traffic management, data security, and risk reduction for web and cloud traffic.

Based on the meeting notes, the key takeaways are:

1. Trend Micro is committed to helping customers transform their security posture by aligning with Zero Trust principles and embracing a modern, fully integrated security architecture.

2. The Trend Vision One™ Zero Trust Secure Access (ZTSA) Internet Access enables organizations to modernize their web security, gain granular visibility, and achieve complete security posture insights.

3. The platform is built with a solid zero trust framework and offers advanced analytics and detections to accelerate detection and response to critical incidents.

4. ZTSA – Internet Access provides effective control of web and internet traffic, preventing unauthorized access to data, terminating or blocking risky traffic, and restricting non-essential or risky web sites and applications.

5. Enabling ZTSA – Internet Access is available for existing Trend Micro customers through Trend Vision One, providing a simple onboarding process and activation of advanced capabilities.

6. ZTSA Internet Access module allows companies to control internet access, make informed decisions based on risk index, and stop access to malicious URLs and content.

7. The solution offers a variety of deployment options and provides SWG, CASB, and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to secure access of users and devices across network, web, cloud, and private apps—all in one platform.

Overall, Trend Micro aims to support organizations in strengthening their security posture, integrating advanced security features, and adopting a Zero Trust architecture to meet evolving market needs.

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