New MrAnon Stealer Malware Targeting German Users via Booking-Themed Scam

New MrAnon Stealer Malware Targeting German Users via Booking-Themed Scam

December 12, 2023 at 06:00AM

A recent phishing campaign delivering the MrAnon Stealer malware via innocuous booking-themed PDFs targets Germany, capturing credentials, system info, browser sessions, and cryptocurrency extensions. Disguised as a hotel booking company, the malicious email prompts victims to download an “Adobe Flash update,” leading to the execution of harmful scripts. The malware is sold for $500 per month.

Key takeaways from the meeting notes on Dec 12, 2023:

– A phishing campaign is distributing an information stealer malware called MrAnon Stealer through seemingly harmless booking-themed PDF lures.
– MrAnon Stealer is a Python-based malware compressed with cx-Freeze to evade detection, capable of stealing credentials, system information, browser sessions, and cryptocurrency extensions.
– Germany appears to be the primary target of this attack as of November 2023.
– The phishing email, disguised as a company seeking to book hotel rooms, contains a PDF file that prompts the recipient to download an updated version of Adobe Flash, leading to the execution of malicious scripts and ultimately the deployment of the MrAnon Stealer.
– The MrAnon Stealer is offered for purchase at $500 per month (or $750 for two months), along with additional tools such as a crypter and a stealthy loader.
– The campaign initially disseminated Cstealer in July and August but transitioned to distributing MrAnon Stealer in October and November, suggesting a strategic approach involving the continued use of phishing emails to propagate Python-based stealers.

In addition, the meeting notes mention a spear-phishing email campaign by the China-linked Mustang Panda targeting the Taiwanese government and diplomats with an aim to deploy SmugX, a new variant of the PlugX backdoor.

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