Microsoft seizes domains used to sell fraudulent Outlook accounts

Microsoft seizes domains used to sell fraudulent Outlook accounts

December 13, 2023 at 06:47PM

Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit seized Storm-1152’s domains, used by a Vietnam-based cybercrime group, involved in selling millions of fraudulent accounts and tools to bypass identity verification. These accounts were used in various cybercrimes, resulting in substantial financial damages. Microsoft also took legal action against individuals linked to this operation, as part of its strategy to disrupt cybercriminal activities.

Based on the meeting notes, it is evident that Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit took significant actions to combat cybercrime perpetrated by the Vietnam-based group Storm-1152. The group was involved in the fraudulent sale of over 750 million accounts and various illegal products, including an automatic CAPTCHA-solving service to bypass security measures.

The seized domains and infrastructure revealed the group’s involvement in providing fraudulent Microsoft accounts and tools to bypass identity verification across major technology platforms. These actions aimed to reduce the effort needed for criminals to engage in various criminal and abusive online activities.

Furthermore, the complaint details how the fraudulent accounts provided by Storm-1152 were utilized by numerous cybergroups in ransomware attacks, resulting in substantial financial damages amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Microsoft’s proactive strategy, illustrated by the seizure of Storm-1152’s infrastructure and legal actions against the individuals involved, demonstrates its commitment to disrupting cybercriminal operations and targeting the tools used in such attacks. This approach aligns with Microsoft’s broader effort to address the cybercriminal ecosystem and disrupt malicious activities.

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