Software & Security: How to Move Supply Chain Security Up the Agenda

Software & Security: How to Move Supply Chain Security Up the Agenda

December 13, 2023 at 10:07AM

After the Log4j incident, there is increased scrutiny on the security of software supply chains. Key stakeholders including the US government, CISA, the EU Commission, the UK’s NCSC, and Japan are collaborating to enhance the utility of software bills of materials (SBOMs). However, challenges lie in implementation, responsibility allocation, and practical uses, calling for improved collaboration.

From the meeting notes provided, the key takeaways include:
1. Software supply chains are under heightened scrutiny for security issues after Log4j, leading to US government mandate of software bills of materials (SBOMs) for federal software projects.
2. Challenges remain in the actual implementation of SBOMs, often due to prioritization and overwhelming data for security teams and developers.
3. Assigning responsibility for application security and management is crucial, especially for first-party and third-party software, requiring clear documentation and accountability.
4. SBOMs are still in the process of standardization and need to be integrated into better practices around software supply chain security, including asset management, prioritization, and automation.
5. Effective collaboration between security and developer teams, facilitated by better insight from SBOMs, can lead to real change and success in addressing software vulnerabilities and security issues.

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