Kraft Heinz investigates hack claims, says systems ‘operating normally’

Kraft Heinz investigates hack claims, says systems ‘operating normally’

December 14, 2023 at 06:35PM

Kraft Heinz confirmed their systems are normal with no evidence of a breach listed by an extortion group. Kraft Heinz, a leading food and beverage company, is being threatened by the Snatch extortion group, but no proof of breach was provided. The company is investigating claims but sees no evidence of a broader attack.

Key Takeaways from the Meeting Notes:

– Kraft Heinz has confirmed that their systems are functioning normally and there is no evidence of a breach following an extortion group listing them on a data leak site.
– The Snatch extortion group claimed to have breached Kraft Heinz and threatened to leak data if a ransom was not paid, but no proof of the breach has been provided, and the files section on the data leak site is devoid of screenshots of stolen data.
– Kraft Heinz is investigating whether a cyberattack on a decommissioned marketing website is related to Snatch’s claims, but their corporate network is not experiencing any issues, and they see no evidence of a broader attack on their internal systems.
– Snatch, a ransomware gang, was one of the first to use a data leak site for extortion demands and has recently established a new data leak site, claiming to be unaffiliated with the previous ransomware group. However, a report by CISA disputes these claims, stating that data from confirmed ransomware victims has appeared on their new website, along with data from other ransomware attacks.

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