Pro-China campaign targeted YouTube with AI avatars

Pro-China campaign targeted YouTube with AI avatars

December 17, 2023 at 08:16PM

ASPI uncovered the Shadow Play campaign on YouTube, involving 30 channels spreading pro-China and anti-US narratives. An AI-generated avatar was used. CFO Nilanjan Roy resigned from Infosys, the fourth exec departure in 2023. China proposed quick data breach reporting. Indonesia supports TikTok’s partnership with GoTo. China’s C919 and ARJ21 jets landed in Hong Kong. Three Arrows Capital faces legal issues in Singapore.

Meeting Notes Summary:

1. Think tank ASPI published details of “Shadow Play,” a campaign spreading pro-China and anti-US narratives on YouTube. Shadow Play includes 30 channels publishing AI-generated voiceovers and AI avatars. It advances themes including China’s technology war with the US and rare earth minerals competition.

2. Infosys’ CFO, Nilanjan Roy, resigned, with deputy CFO Jayesh Sanhrajka stepping in on April 1. Roy’s departure is the fourth significant one from Infosys in 2023.

3. China proposed a ten-minute deadline for reporting data breaches, requiring comprehensive reports to authorities.

4. Indonesia’s Minister of Trade voiced support for a strategic partnership between TikTok and GoTo, allowing a 3-4 month trial period before assessment.

5. China’s C919 and ARJ21 passenger jets made their first overseas flights to Hong Kong, showcasing them for potential global buyers.

6. Leaders of Three Arrows Capital faced questions in a Singapore court after evading providing details of their assets since the company’s 2022 collapse.

Additional News:

1. Chinese government plans to quiz citizens on internet censorship subjects.
2. Nvidia working with the US government to design chips for China.
3. A Belgian man arrested for smuggling contraband tech into China and Russia.
4. Samsung and SK hynix partner with ASML to establish a chip research lab in South Korea.

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