Intel 471 Acquires Cyborg Security

May 1, 2024 at 06:06PM Intel 471 announced the acquisition of Cyborg Security to enhance threat hunting capabilities. The merger aims to provide intelligence-led threat hunting and support operational success, aiming to deliver ROI for customers. The convergence of threat hunting and CTI is driving the cybersecurity industry. The move combines Intel 471’s CTI prowess … Read more

Police takes down BulletProftLink large-scale phishing provider

November 12, 2023 at 03:56AM The Royal Malaysian Police have announced the seizure of the BulletProftLink phishing-as-a-service platform, which provided more than 300 phishing templates. The operation started in 2015 but became more active since 2018, with thousands of subscribers. The platform offered tools and resources for carrying out phishing attacks, including customizable templates and … Read more