The New 80/20 Rule for SecOps: Customize Where it Matters, Automate the Rest

The New 80/20 Rule for SecOps: Customize Where it Matters, Automate the Rest

November 10, 2023 at 04:03AM

Automated security tools are becoming increasingly important for SOC teams, as they help cover the 80% of common threats across organizations. However, customization is still necessary for the remaining 20% of unique use cases. Automation can improve data ingestion, detection, investigation, and response, but customization allows organizations to address their specific needs. SIEM replacement vendors like Hunters offer a combination of automation and customization capabilities to enhance security operations.

The key takeaways from the meeting notes are as follows:

1. The adoption of automated solutions in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) is increasing, as SOC teams spend a significant amount of time on events that are not actual threats.
2. Automation can cover about 80% of common threats faced by organizations, allowing security teams to focus on more unique and bespoke use cases.
3. Automation is being implemented in four key phases: data ingestion and normalization, detection, investigation, and response.
4. Modern SIEM replacement vendors, like Hunters, offer pre-built detection rules, integration with threat intelligence feeds, and automatic enrichment and cross-correlation of leads, which significantly reduce the workload for security teams.
5. While automation is crucial, there is still a need for customization to address the remaining 20% of specific use cases and requirements unique to each organization.
6. Customization can involve ingesting custom data sources, adopting detection-as-code practices, and managing scalable business context.
7. It is important for vendors to provide both automated capabilities and customization options to meet the diverse needs of security teams.
8. Hunters is recognized as a leader in autonomous SOC by GigaOm’s radar report and offers easy-to-use pre-built capabilities along with innovative customization features.

Overall, organizations should strive to cover both the automated and customized aspects of their security strategy to effectively manage threats and enhance the efficiency of their security teams.

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