Product Walkthrough: Silverfort’s Unified Identity Protection Platform

Product Walkthrough: Silverfort's Unified Identity Protection Platform

November 20, 2023 at 10:12AM

Silverfort is the first unified identity protection platform that integrates with existing identity and access management solutions to protect organizations from identity-based attacks. The platform offers features such as Risk-Based Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and can protect a wide range of resources, including command-line tools and service accounts. A recent report revealed that many organizations are underprotected against identity-based attacks. Silverfort’s dashboard provides valuable identity-related data and allows users to create policies and protect resources through MFA. The platform also addresses the challenge of securing service accounts, which often have high access privileges and low visibility. Overall, Silverfort’s platform offers innovative identity protection capabilities that are essential in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Based on the meeting notes, the key takeaways include:

1. Silverfort’s platform is the first and only unified identity protection platform on the market.
2. It aims to protect organizations from identity-based attacks by integrating with existing identity and access management solutions and extending secure access controls to all resources, including on-prem and cloud resources, legacy systems, command-line tools, and service accounts.
3. A recent report by Silverfort and Osterman Research revealed that 83% of organizations worldwide have experienced data breaches due to compromised credentials.
4. Many organizations admit to being underprotected against identity-based attacks, especially with widely used command-line access tools and legacy systems being challenging to protect.
5. The dashboard of Silverfort’s platform offers an intuitive user interface and showcases its unique differentiator of seamlessly integrating with the entire identity infrastructure in a hybrid environment.
6. The dashboard provides valuable identity-related data, including authentication attempts, success rates, protected users and service accounts, and user risk levels.
7. Silverfort’s platform includes modules such as Advanced MFA and Service Account Protection.
8. Advanced MFA protects resources by enforcing MFA on all network assets, including those traditionally not covered by agents and proxies. It also addresses the limitations of older authentication protocols like Kerberos and NTLM by allowing MFA enforcement.
9. Creating and managing policies for MFA enforcement is simple and intuitive within the platform.
10. Service accounts pose a significant security challenge due to their high access privileges and lack of visibility. Silverfort’s platform can identify service accounts and create policies based on their behavior, providing organizations with better control and protection.
11. Full visibility into service accounts and the ability to protect them is a valuable aspect of Silverfort’s platform.
12. Silverfort’s platform offers innovative identity protection capabilities that are increasingly necessary in today’s threat landscape.

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