Accelerating into 2024 with NEOM McLaren Formula E Team

Accelerating into 2024 with NEOM McLaren Formula E Team

December 7, 2023 at 03:52PM

Trend Micro partners with NEOM McLaren Formula E Team for the 2024 season, leveraging cybersecurity expertise to bolster racing innovation and environmental goals. They’re focused on resilience, acceleration, and shaping the future of mobility to promote electric vehicle use against climate change.

Takeaways from Meeting Notes:

1. Partnership Announcement: A global, multi-year partnership with the NEOM McLaren Formula E team was announced in September.

2. Upcoming Season Engagement: The 2024 season is highly anticipated, and fans are encouraged to stay updated with race results, exclusive content, and announcements via provided links.

3. Technology and Innovation: The partnership emphasizes the alignment in pushing technological boundaries – Trend in the cybersecurity industry and NEOM McLaren in electric vehicle racing.

4. Engineering Focus Areas:
– Success: Highlighting the importance of a practiced team and leading technology for optimal performance.
– Resilience: Underlining the necessity of strong cyber defenses, akin to the preparedness in racing.
– Acceleration: Investing in performance and security, paralleling the high-speed demands of Formula E racing, where response times are crucial.
– Future and Environment: A commitment to innovation for adaptation to new challenges and advancing electric vehicle adoption to address climate change.

5. Executive Insights:
– Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, stresses the importance of partnering with Trend for achieving success.
– Ian James, Team Principal of NEOM McLaren Formula E Team, anticipates valuable contributions from Trend in the future.

6. Authorship and Resources: The notes are provided by Trend Micro, with pointers to the CISO Resource Center for further information.

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