Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter, finally

Windows 11 Notepad gets a built-in character counter, finally

December 7, 2023 at 03:31PM

Microsoft has added a character counter to Windows 11 Notepad, available in update 11.2311.29.0 for insiders. This feature displays the count in the status bar and complements the redesigned Notepad with dark mode and multi-level undo. Additionally, “Edit with Notepad” has been integrated into the File Explorer context menu, and Copilot AI and widgets board settings have received updates. Server flights for Windows Server Preview Build 26010 will begin in early 2024 for Canary Channel insiders.

Meeting Takeaways:

1. Microsoft has introduced a built-in character counter to the Notepad application in Windows 11, starting with version 11.2311.29.0.

2. This feature is now available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels, offering a character count for selected text and the entire document on the status bar.

3. A new “Edit with Notepad” option has been added to the File Explorer context menu for quick editing with Notepad.

4. Previous updates to the Notepad include a redesigned interface with a dark theme and multi-level undo feature, support for tabs, and enhancements in managing unsaved files with an unsaved changes indicator.

5. Microsoft is testing a new method to “undock” the Windows Copilot AI assistant for easier access amidst a busy desktop environment.

6. New widgets board settings have been introduced, allowing users to customize their feeds on the widgets board.

7. Microsoft has also begun Server flights with today’s Windows Server Preview Build 26010 in the Canary Channel.

8. To participate in Windows Server flighting, one must enroll their device in the Windows Insider program under Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.

9. Server flights will only be available for the Canary Channel and will start in early 2024, with a potential difference in the release schedule from the client builds, such as bi-weekly releases for Server.

10. The flighting for Server applies only to the Desktop Experience.

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