Alert: New WailingCrab Malware Loader Spreading via Shipping-Themed Emails

November 23, 2023 at 08:24AM Shipping-themed email messages are being used to distribute the WailingCrab malware. The malware consists of multiple components and is associated with the threat actor TA544. It prioritizes stealth and utilizes hacked websites and platforms like Discord for communication. The newer variants of the malware use the MQTT protocol for command-and-control, … Read more

Beware: Lumma Stealer Distributed via Discord CDN

October 16, 2023 at 04:37AM Discord’s content delivery network (CDN) is being exploited by threat actors to distribute the Lumma Stealer malware, which steals user credentials. The malware is spread through direct messages, offering victims Discord Nitro boost in exchange for assistance and prompting them to download a file. Lumma Stealer can steal cryptocurrency wallets … Read more