New Developer Tools Necessary to Boost Passkey Adoption

January 11, 2024 at 09:19AM Passkeys, a password-less technology, utilize device-based authentication and public-key encryption. Though initially esoteric, they are gaining traction with major websites and identity ecosystems, supported by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. The move towards mainstream adoption is underway, with a focus on developer adoption and tools to simplify implementation. … Read more

Getting Started With Passkeys, One Service at a Time

January 4, 2024 at 12:08AM Passkeys, supported by major technology firms like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, aim to streamline and secure online authentication, addressing the vulnerabilities of traditional passwords. With over 7 billion potential users, passkeys provide an alternative to memorized passwords, leveraging device-based security and biometrics. Third-party providers and various ecosystems offer different approaches … Read more

Vulns in Android WebView, Password Managers Can Leak User Credentials

December 6, 2023 at 03:51PM Researchers uncovered a vulnerability, called “AutoSpill,” in popular Android password managers that could allow malicious apps to steal credentials through WebView’s autofill feature. Despite raising awareness and contacting affected parties, some password managers and Google have yet to effectively address the issue. The researchers suggest that passkeys could ultimately resolve … Read more

Passkeys Are Cool, But They Aren’t Enterprise-Ready

October 13, 2023 at 04:38PM Passkeys, a passwordless authentication technology supported by major internet firms like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, offer a user-friendly solution for accessing websites and cloud applications. However, their usability does not meet the control and attestation requirements of large corporations. Passkeys are expected to be integrated into the existing public key … Read more