Are Your SaaS Backups as Secure as Your Production Data?

May 23, 2024 at 07:36AM Conversations around data security focus on protecting on-premises or cloud-stored data, reliable data backup and restoration strategies, and the potential cost of data loss. The increasing use of SaaS applications raises concerns about data backup responsibilities and the lack of control over SaaS data, highlighting the need for secure and … Read more

How a $10B Enterprise Customer Drastically Increased their SaaS Security Posture with 201% ROI by Using SSPM

February 6, 2024 at 06:33AM SaaS applications provide flexibility and efficiency but also pose security risks. A Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting shows that a $10B media firm achieved a significant 201% ROI with Adaptive Shield’s SSPM platform, improving security posture, collaboration, and compliance. The study highlights the value of investing in SSPM … Read more

Combating IP Leaks into AI Applications with Free Discovery and Risk Reduction Automation

January 17, 2024 at 09:57AM Wing Security introduces a free discovery and a paid tier for automated control over AI SaaS applications, aiming to enhance intellectual property and data protection. 83.2% of companies use GenAI applications, with 99.7% employing AI-powered SaaS. Their solution offers steps to Know, Assess, and Control AI risks while automating workflows … Read more

Top 5 Marketing Tech SaaS Security Challenges

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3 Essential Steps to Strengthen SaaS Security

October 16, 2023 at 03:07AM Summary: SaaS applications have become essential in the business world, but their security is crucial. This article outlines three key steps for implementing SaaS security: discovering SaaS usage within the organization, performing risk assessments on each application, and managing user permissions effectively. These steps are necessary for maintaining a secure … Read more